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Secure Group Sharing & Video-Calls

Groupsville provides a private and censorship-free open source social platform, where you actually own your own data.

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Everything you need

  • Modern Design

    Groupsville looks gorgeous and it's super-simple for you and your members to use. Plus, it's written in Bootstrap 4, so it's easy to find/make new responsive templates.

  • A Feed Like No Other

    With Groupsville, say no to manipulative algorithmic newsfeeds which hook you to the service at the expense of your mental health. Our feed is natural and it is NOT exploitative.

  • No Gimmicks Pricing

    $8 per month. No annuals, no hidden fees. Price waived for the first year if you reach 30 members as long as you post at least 10 pieces of contents every month.

  • Open Source

    Our code is open source. You can always start a hosted version here at Groupsville, then if you're not happy for any reason, switch to your own servers and continue from where you left off.

Privacy & Security you have asked for

  • Camaraderie Network

    Groupsville's decentralized technology is designed to circumvent the state-sponsored internet censorship. By using Groupsville, you are helping the world become more open.

  • Ownership on the Blockchain

    With Groupsville, data ownership and portability is not just a marketing gimmick partially implemented. Your ownership is verified and registered in the Ethereum blockchain.

  • End-to-End Encrypted

    With Groupsville, all data is encrypted in-transit, and at-rest.

  • Developer-Friendly

    Embed Groupsville features in a single tag on your existing website, or access it programmatically via Javascript and/or mobile languages.